USDA Water System Operator's Guide

The USDA Water System Operators Guide is a basic course in the operation of small drinking water systems.  The Water System Operators Guide written by Brenda Land and published by the United States Department of Agriculture is the content of the course. A print copy of the book can also be purchased at Amazon.comThe course provides information and checklists to help operators of small drinking water systems with a focus on U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service drinking water systems.  The course includes useful concepts for every small system operator and especially operators that need to startup and shutdown their system seasonally.  The simple goal is to help operators keep their drinking water safe and wholesome. Water system operators are the first line of defense against waterborne health risks.  People expect water from faucets and hydrants to be safe to drink and it is up to the water system operator to ensure that it is.

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This course has no certifications,
and is offered for educational purposes only.