Stormwater Impacts on Sourcewater (SWP-101)

This course provides an overview of a stormwater and its impact on drinking water sources. It discusses approaches toward mitigating stormwater impacts on sourcewater and provides details regarding management procedures.

The sources of water used for drinking water supply across the nation face an evolving threat that places public health and safety, environmental quality, and local economies at risk. Due to continuous land development and poor planning of land use patterns along with a major shift in climate events, stormwater has become an increasing concern to public drinking water supplies. Stormwater collects contaminants from other sources of pollution and washes it into nearby water sources. As water suppliers, watershed groups, planners, public officials, and advocates, we must take it upon ourselves to protect our source waters.

This course provides us with an understanding of the threat stormwater poses to our water sources, helping us to manage stormwater runoff itself as well as the contaminants that flow into it that pollute our drinking water supplies and threaten our own communities across.

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