Mail Merge for Water Utilities

This course will explain the steps to perform a mail merge using Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.  Mail merges can save hours of time and reduce errors in the process of sending out a large number of letters, bills, and notices to multiple addresses.  We will learn a few basic tricks in Microsoft Word to create an organized and sharp looking water utility bill template and then use data from an Excel spreadsheet to automatically address letters to all water utility customers on a list.  We will also explain why we should use mail merges, other software packages that can be used, and a few practical applications of mail merges.  It may seem complex at first, but believe me, in the end it is super easy! 

You will need a basic familiarity with computers and Microsoft software as well as your own copy of Microsoft Excel and Word in order to follow along with the exercises.  If you do not have Microsoft Excel and Word the same principles can be applied to nearly any modern word processor and spread sheet software, for example Google Sheets and Docs or Open Office, which are available for free.  Just be aware that the user interfaces will be slightly different.  Prior to taking this course, students should have basic skills to open a word processing document and insert and save a table or willingness to learn.  Also, students should have basic skills to open a spread sheet document and insert and save data in the cells or willingness to learn.

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3.0 Water and Wastewater
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