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Online learning is not the next big thing,
it is the NOW big thing.

We need to bring learning to people
instead of people to learning.

LearnH2O is designed, built, and operated by Rural Water to bring learning to you.  You know Rural Water and Rural Water knows you and knows training. This course explains how to purchase and take a course at LearnH2O.  In fact, this short course is a LearnH2O Course and so demonstrates just how easy it is to learn online.  Give it a try to see if online learning works for you!  Hey, even works on your smartphone! 

The LearnH2O Mission is to provide the best online training, serving all water / wastewater professionals, helping students to reach their training goals anywhere, anytime with no travel, no extra expense, and no time away from home or office with learning content that is 1) essential, 2) quality, 3) relevant, 4) accessible, 5) modular, 6) efficient, and 7) affordable.

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This course has no certifications,
and is offered for educational purposes only.